• Augusta TV Cabinet

    Collection name: Augusta
    Finish: Antique Almond Finish and Antique Cocoa Finish
    Dimensions: TV Cabinet Center Cabinet: (78.4in W x 17.4in D x 23.8in H) – SKU: 1219-024-1
    TV Cabinet Low Cabinet: (23.8in W x 15.4in D x 41.8in H) – SKU: 1219-024-2
    TV Cabinet High Cabinet: (23.8in W x 15.4in D x 57.8in H) – SKU: 1219-024-3

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  • Barivia TV Cabinet

    Barivia TV Cabinet available in either an Antique Cognac finish or Egyptian Pearl finish. The cabinet with the Egyptian Pearl finish has a beautifully contrasting top with an Antique Cognac finish. A stylish and elegant TV cabinet that provides storage space, glass cabinet doors, and an appealing focal point for an entertainment center.

    Collection name: Barivia
    Finish: Antique Cognac or Egyptian Pearl
    Dimensions: (90.87in W x 19.3in D x 28.75in H) – SKU: 1189-024

    • Storage space to display items
    • Elegant focal point for entertainment center
    • Glass cabinet doors
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  • Carlton TV Cabinet

    Collection name: Carlton
    Finish: Vintage Cohiba Finish
    Dimensions: (71.8in W x 18.5in D x 24.8in H) – SKU: 1229-024

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  • Fairhaven TV Cabinet

    Fairhaven Dressing Mirror available in Egyptian Pearl finish. The poles are elegantly adorned with a hand-carved, floral motif that wraps itself around the height of the poles. The oval-shaped mirror is topped by a sculptural ornamentation that completes the lush presentation.

    Collection name: Fairhaven
    Finish: Egyptian Pearl
    Dimensions: (90.6in W x 19.9in D x 25.5in H) – SKU: 1149-013

    • Poles wrapped with a floral motif
    • Sculptural ornamentation
    • Full-length mirror
    • Lush presentation
    • Oval shape
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  • Montage TV Cabinet

    Collection name: Montage
    Finish: Vintage Cohiba Finish
    Dimensions: (71.8in W x 18.4 D x 23.8in H) – SKU:1199-024

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  • Montecito TV Cabinet

    Collection name: Montecito
    Finish: Vintage Cohiba Finish
    Dimensions: (78.4in W x 17.4in D x 23.8in H) – SKU: 1249-024

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  • Renaissance TV Cabinet

    Collection name: Renaissance
    SKU: 939-034A
    Finish: Mahogany Finish
    Dimensions: (98.8in W x 21.8in D x 23.8in H)

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  • Roselyn TV Cabinet

    Collection name: Roselyn
    Finish: Vintage Cohiba Finish and Antique Silver Leaf Finish
    Dimensions: (65in W x 17.4in D x 23.8in H) – SKU: 1209-024

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  • Vienna TV Cabinet

    The Vienna TV Cabinet combines classic hand-carved details and modern touches, such as the crocodile skin texture featured on the exterior of the drawers and flourish-shaped handles. Available in Parisian Bronze finish, the open shelf space is perfect for placing antique items that deserve to be displayed and not hidden away behind a closed door. The Vienna TV Cabinet also provides an ample amount of space for storage, and serves as a gorgeous piece of furniture that will enhance the presentation of a home entertainment center.

    Collection: Vienna
    Finish: Parisian Bronze
    Dimensions: (91in W x 21in D 23.6in H) – SKU: 1169-024

    • Ample amount of storage space
    • Crocodile pattern on exterior of drawers
    • Flourish-shaped handles
    • Open area to display items
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